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Meet Aanu Ogunyinka


I am Aanu Ogunyinka and I’m in my third year here at Thomas Jefferson University. I spent my first two years in the Textile Design program learning the blueprints of fabric structures. This year I changed my major to Fashion Merchandising focusing on product development and the business aspects of the fashion industry. I love my new major and most importantly my Global Fashion Insight course, where groups have been assigned a theme of “Love &Y2K” to create 15 pieces to be sold at a pop-up shop on campus. I love this class because of the steps and processes we need to go through like coming up with a garment we want to make, creating prototypes, making mood boards, and costing – all leading to a final product that is ready to be sold.

print design by Aanu Ogunyinka

Two and a half years into my college journey, I received an email from Jade Papa about an open work study position at the Design Center working with the Textile and Costume Collection.  I jumped at the opportunity. I had Jade as my professor for the History of Textiles and Costumes course in my 3rd semester.  I took this opportunity to work at the Design Center with no hesitation because I knew this would introduce me to another phase of learning and potentially help achieve my long-term goal of having my own clothing brand, “KawLaws.” Kawlaws is a comfortable, unisex, all-year clothing brand that focuses on bringing colors, texture, and unique prints/effects to everyday pieces like sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters, and knitwear.

In my free time, I enjoy customizing my clothes. This includes cutting, patching, distressing, drawing or gluing, and experimenting with different materials to add texture to my garments.  I also enjoy doing hair, e.g. braiding and installing wigs and styling. To me, this is another form of art for me to express myself, and it’s exciting to boost my clients’ self-esteem.  I love seeing and making people happy. I’ll be ecstatic for you to follow me on my journey through my work at the Design Center.

original designs by Aanu Ogunyinka

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