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Meet Alyssa Pierce


My name is Alyssa Pierce, and I am a transfer student starting my first year here at Jefferson! I am currently in the Textile Product Science Program, studying the processes and properties of various yarns, fibers, and fabrics. I love my major and moved here to pursue it after studying emergent digital practices and systems for a year in Colorado. Growing up, I had a lot of interest in out-of-the-box fashion and have always found it to be my favorite form of expression. However, as time passed, my interest in fashion shifted from just playing around with clothes and having fun to focusing on how I could improve what was being produced sustainably and creatively.

In the future, I plan to work towards developing and researching more sustainable materials for the textile industry. I have run upcycling workshops, guides to secondhand shopping, and zero waste crafting lessons within the sustainability club I led and do many personal projects with the same focus. I have always enjoyed being creative and often spend my free time exploring different mediums and pushing myself creatively. I love experimentation within designs but also within the design process. I am always looking for ways to create things that challenge normal processes to find room for improvement and gaps where I can integrate sustainable practices. My passion for sustainable fashion inspires me and pushes me creatively and academically.

Crochet embellished skirt by Alyssa Pierce
Freeform crochet original work by Alyssa Pierce

My recent focus has been experimenting with digital art and continuing to upcycle pieces in my closet. Experimentation is essential to my creative process. I often struggle to create finished pieces or feel satisfied with my work. By challenging the practices, I can clearly envision what I want to develop and work past the mental block I get. I have used this process to explore many mediums, my favorite being collage and freeform crochet. At Jefferson, I can get the support and education I need to pursue my interests at a much larger scale and open my mind to new ways I can create. I am very excited to continue my education here and to have the opportunity to work with so many beautiful textiles throughout my experience.

Wooden bench, original design by Alyssa Pierce
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